Bridges bring together the genius and intricacy of engineering with the practical needs of everyday people to get from here to there as quickly and efficiently as possible. Bridges bring communities together and transport valuable resources. They overcome obstacles, making long journeys shorter and once-impossible journeys possible.
At NimbleBridge, we engineer and build innovative communications solutions for organizations that demonstrate inclusive business practices, which bolster their success and help them remain relevant in the twenty-first-century economy.
The “nimble” part of our name? Most bridges are big, static, and unchanging. Not ours. We build our bridges to be fast, flexible, and ready for your needs.
The way we see it, NimbleBridge isn’t just a name. It’s a promise.

What does NimbleBridge mean for you?

Whether you’re a procurement officer, a marketing production manager or a graphic designer, you’ve probably noticed that it’s almost impossible to find one, single partner who both excels at offering sound, strategic recommendations that help you surpass your communications goals and possesses the expertise required to execute every element of your print communications campaign or direct mail project. Let’s say, for example, you are able to find a company that does a great job producing and mailing your Annual Report. Chances are that firm won’t have the expertise necessary to tackle your next project that includes multiple personalized letter versions, several package-specific inserts and complex data processing.  When the time comes to start-up that next campaign, do you roll the dice and hope that your current vendor can figure out how to handle it? Or, do you take time to hunt for a new supplier that fits the upcoming project? What about the next time?

NimbleBridge is your solution to this type of dilemma. NimbleBridge leverages its experience developing winning communications campaigns, vast production expertise and longstanding industry relationships to execute your projects accurately and on time with an eye on value and results. At NimbleBridge, value doesn’t necessarily mean sourcing your campaign components from the cheapest bidder as, being industry experts, we recognize the importance of messaging and quality on how well your audience receives your communication. Instead, we negotiate fair pricing for quality work from our close partners and coordinate every step in the production process from the time you award us a project until it launches and we confirm that you’re impressed.

In short, when it comes to your print communications and direct mail projects, make NimbleBridge your route to guarantee you reach your destination with ease.


George M. Smith III, President

After studying marketing and economics at University of Richmond, George pursued a career in direct response marketing, initially managing direct mail campaigns for a variety of large accounts including agencies, nonprofits, healthcare companies and financial corporations. During this full-time role, George continued employing the skills he developed during his writing fellowship and through his marketing coursework to provide freelance copywriting and writing consultation services in his free time. George’s insatiable desire to continue expanding his strategic marketing communications acumen led him to use this freelance experience as a springboard to a career in strategic, multichannel copywriting for agencies and organizations across an array of industries such as retail, higher education, nonprofit and financial services.

Seeking a high-touch, client-facing role that would also further advance his career, George later accepted an exciting opportunity in print and direct mail business development. In this Account Executive role, George quickly realized enormous success, winning substantial accounts with not only the highest quality print communications and direct mail services, but also with strategic campaign recommendations that competitors lack the expertise to offer.

An active member of the LGBT professional community, George attended his first NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference in 2015. This experience inspired George to launch NimbleBridge: an enterprise that specializes in providing innovative communications and branding solutions to large organizations that demonstrate inclusive business practices to bolster their success and remain relevant in the twenty first century economy.

George spends his free time exercising, traveling, participating in outdoor activities and working on a memoir. He also volunteers his time to judge marketing competitions for DECA (“An Association of Marketing Students”) conferences, he serves on the Board of Directors for Richmond Triangle Players (an nonprofit theatre that focuses on LGBT subject matter) and he sits on Health Brigade’s (formerly Fan Free Clinic) Development Committee.

Besides NimbleBridge, George’s favorite bridge is the footbridge to Belle Isle in Richmond, Virginia because it leads the way to many fun-filled days of recreation on the James River.