NimbleBridge: Marketing Automation Storefront Solutions

Marketing consumables such as collateral, promotional and point‐of‐sale materials demand 30% or more of marketing budgets, yet more than half of spending associated with these items is often lost to the non‐productive costs of storage, fulfillment, shipping, inventory management and product irrelevance and obsolescence.

NimbleBridge helps you identify your marketing assets, determine what works and what doesn’t, and builds a custom online solution that enables you to organize, optimize, and streamline the materials that market your brand.

NimbleBridge’s Marketing Automation Storefront solutions can afford you these advantages:

Virtual Warehousing: Marketing materials are stored digitally, allowing all authorized users immediate access for reference, updating, production or ordering.

Centralized budget control: Budgets are programmed into the system, allowing real-time cost tracking and control.

Enhanced communications: Customizable reports provide administrators, marketing staff and end users with shared data regarding effectiveness and ROI of marketing materials.

System integration: Marketing Automation Storefronts can be integrated with your organization’s intranet, existing CRM or even its inventory management software.

Targeted customization: Through drop-down menus and templates, end users such as sales staff or franchisees can select pre-approved options to customize products for target markets.

Quality control: Ensure accuracy, brand integrity, consistency and compliance across all marketing materials by using pre-approved templates that adhere to your organization’s strict brand standards and style guide.

Improved productivity: All ordering and approvals can be managed electronically within the system, resulting in as much as a 30% reduction in the personnel-hours spent managing marketing materials.

Reduced waste and smaller inventories: On-demand production reduces storage costs and waste due to over-ordering, obsolescence or irrelevance.

Rapid fulfillment: Marketing materials can be rapidly produced and shipped to end users on an as‐needed basis—typically within 24 hours.

Optimize Procurement with our Marketing Automation Storefront Solution!

NimbleBridge’s Marketing Automation Storefront solution simplifies your purchasing process and substantially reduces indirect procurement costs. In many cases, our systems will reduce the direct costs of your marketing materials. How will you benefit? You will have fewer vendors and substantially reduced procurement transactions to manage and execute. There is also a greater cost transparency and predictability.

The NimbleBridge solution delivers:

  • Vendor Consolidation – Using the NimbleBridge Marketing Automation Storefront solution means that you have only one supplier relationship to manage.
  • Centralized Purchasing – With a NimbleBridge Marketing Automation Storefront solution, control of your marketing spend stays within your corporate marketing department while branch offices, retail outlets and other approved parties are empowered to quickly and easily obtain the marketing materials they need.
  • Contract Pricing – A NimbleBridge Marketing Automation Storefront solution uses contract pricing to simplify the purchasing process, which provides you complete cost transparency. When a new marketing item is added to your NimbleBridge system, the price of the item is determined and maintained for an agreed upon period of time. There is no need to obtain new price quotes every time you need additional materials.

How do you benefit?

Fewer vendors to manage. Fewer procurement transactions to manage and execute. Greater cost transparency and predictability. Less “maverick” purchasing.

Production and Fulfillment Services

NimbleBridge offers clients custom, online catalogs to manage all of their marketing assets, allowing them to place orders and monitor their production progress in real-time. Orders placed through our proprietary interface, NimbleBuilder, go directly into our production and inventory facilities.

A NimbleBridge Marketing Automation Storefront solution includes comprehensive inventory tracking for all your marketing materials. Our online reporting module enables tracking by item, user, department, location, spend and virtually any other category you're interested in analyzing. All reports provide near real-time information and are available anytime, anywhere you can access the internet.

Production, On-Demand

NimbleBridge’s production facilities are prepared 24/7 to supply our clients with fast, on-demand printing. With advanced offset and digital production equipment, we excel at executing the wide variety of printed products, direct mail packages and promotional items necessary to reach your organization's goals.


While we work to help you eliminate storage through on-demand production, we realize that some materials must be produced in advance and warehoused. Storing your marketing assets in one of NimbleBridge’s warehouse facilities means you no longer have to tie up the limited space your organization has for storage. And, our experience with storing, organizing and fulfilling printed collateral, point of sale items, promotional products, signage and other materials means that you can be confident that these assets are being fulfilled or kitted correctly and on time--every time!


Our Trademarked Marketing Automation Storefront Software: NimbleBuilder

Technology is critical to any Marketing Automation Storefront system. NimbleBuilder is NimbleBridge’s powerfully hosted Marketing Automation Storefront software solution designed to manage and streamline your marketing assets. Our custom marketing portals enable local branches, channel partners, franchises, sales teams, brokers and other relevant stakeholders to quickly produce brand-compliant materials.

NimbleBuilder™ Is

  • A complete online catalog of all of your marketing assets
  • Software as a service: NO software to buy or configure
  • Hosted by NimbleBridge

NimbleBuilder™ Delivers

  • Personalized materials that engage target audiences
  • Brand integrity
  • Better communication and marketing support for distribution channel partners
  • Streamlined distribution of marketing materials

NimbleBuilder™ Offers

  • Brand control and increased compliance
  • Speed to market
  • Customization (with individual, office location, branch, target audience, etc.)
  • Reduced obsolescence
  • Cost transparency
  • E-delivery
  • Print-on-demand
  • Automated fulfillment & inventory replenishment
  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Comprehensive reporting

NimbleBuilder Toolkit

NimbleBuilder provides increased productivity, cost savings and marketing efficiency throughout your management, distribution and fulfillment operations. The NimbleBuilder platform is designed to manage your marketing assets while connecting your employees, branch offices, channel partners and/or other stakeholders with the ability to create custom marketing materials for different target audiences.

NimbleBuilder™ Benefits

  • Access real-time information, including job status and delivery dates
  • Automated shipment tracking
  • Manage usage by date, order history, SKU, product ID and cost center
  • Create user-defined replenishment levels with automatic email notifications
  • Streamlined ordering process facilitated by proof routing and approval emails
  • Access accurate billing information
  • Run and review custom reports
  • Manage users and user groups

NimbleBuilder™ Provides

  • Easy-to-use catalog interface
  • Custom, branded templates that reflect your organization's identity standards
  • Complete online catalog of your marketing assets
  • Instant online proofing
  • Security and scalability
  • Sophisticated options to customize your marketing materials
  • Anytime, anywhere availability via a standard web browser
  • Comprehensive inventory management at your finger tips (control counts, order history, replenishment levels, etc.)
  • Software as a service: no software to buy or configure
  • Hosted by NimbleBridge

NimbleBuilder™ Manages

  • Digital assets, images, data and media files
  • Online templates
  • Print-on-demand
  • Fulfillment
  • Inventory storage
  • Distribution